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A Jew Grows In Brooklyn - The Curious Reflections of a First Generation American

Jake Ehrenreich's critically acclaimed book by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers. Inspiring stories about his life as a child of Holocaust survivors in Brooklyn and the Catskills. 


"In this print adaptation of his successful show, featured on Broadway, Ehrenreich tells his story of growing up as the first-born son of Holocaust survivors. His style and timing perfected over years of performance, Ehrenreich proves inspirational and entertaining throughout." 


“I laughed out loud and cried tears of nostalgia at Ehrenreich’s stories. Read it and kvell!” 

 ALAN DERSHOWITZ Author and Harvard Law professor 

“A magically well written universal story of identity and tradition that anyone, Jew or Gentile, can relate to. A Jew Grows In Brooklyn is so deeply rooted with honesty, humor, and emotion in every turn of the page, you will soon find it growing in your heart.” 

 - NEIL SEDAKA Singer and songwriter 

“Mr. Ehrenreich has more than a sense of humor, he has a sense of humanity that dives into the common river of human experience and gives voice to the silent, and sometimes forgotten, depths of our own precious memories. He is a storyteller-philosopher par excellence well worth the read.” 

 - TOVAH FELDHSUH, four-time Tony Award–nominated best actress 

“Despite a childhood shadowed by the Holocaust and family illness, Jake Ehrenreich has an ebullience and a humor that makes his memoir sheer pleasure. From Brooklyn to the Catskills to Greenwich Village…he remembers it all and tells it with a tender, funny, and thoughtful voice.” 

 - JOAN MICKLIN SILVER Director of Hester Street, Crossing Delancey 

A Jew Grows In Brooklyn - The Curious Reflections of a First Generation American

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